Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

The Rehabilitation and Therapy Service programmes are based on an initial assessment, and are further reviewed following admission, and again following  a 'settling in' period. Established goals are worked towards, and regular reviews take place to ensure that progress is maintained at a pace that the individual can comfortably manage. Rehabilitation is focused around Physical, Functional, Cognitive and Emotional paradigms integrated into social and other needs.

Physical and Cognitive
Perform an essential role in our Rehabilitation Pathway.  Physical and cognitive skills are assessed prior to admission, and are then developed using Process Training. Processed training tasks are used in order to improve attention skills in conjunction with functional tasks. We help develop functional tasks, strategy training and personal education. The remaining cognitive skills including visual processing, information processing, memory and final executive functioning are then assessed and developed using a similar approach.

Throughout cognitive rehabilitation therapy, an individual personal profile is developed. This is designed to help educate and inform the individual, and significant others, about their condition, and the impact this has not only on their lives, but those of their families and friends.

In further support of individual needs and aspirations, we offer the following Therapies:

Following brain injury many people experience physiological and emotional issues as they come to terms with the curtailment of their former abilities. This can impact upon social roles, friendships/relationships, and functional ability. Under the direction of our Consultant Clinical Psychologist, our therapist team help the individual adapt, and develop coping strategies to deal with the change in their circumstances. Families and friends may also experience difficulties with the 'perceived' loss of the person they used to know. We work closely with a number of organisations who provide additional support and information.

Our Occupational Therapy team interacts with both internal teams and with external agencies to support clients in meeting their educational and vocational goals. Ongoing progress achieved through the rehabilitation process then enables the clients to be assessed for work and educational placements as appropriate.

We actively encourage social interaction as part of our therapeutic intervention programme, and facilitate this through therapy groups and social events held across the site and in the community. We offer an active social programme of daily events which includes regular outings/day trips based around a main theme of active progressive care and rehabilitation.