Music therapy can support our residents who have difficulties with communication by providing sensory stimulation and one to one interaction through a non verbal medium. It can also support those who are experiencing low mood, lack of confidence / self esteem – using music making to draw out people’s natural strengths and abilities and helping them to use, enjoy and develop these abilities in order to overcome or cope better with any difficulties. 

Our Nordoff Robbins Music Therapist provides one to one music therapy sessions and group work at Shelley Park.  The Music Therapist works closely with the Rehab team to ensure that aims compliment and link in with goals set in other areas of the individuals care plan.  Music therapy can offer a musical / creative environment to support areas such as communication, motor skills, initiation, behavioural and social skills.  Always the emphasis is placed on supporting and celebrating people’s strengths and abilities. 

Rachel Millman

Head  music therapist for Southwest and Central West