Admission/Assessment Process and Pathway Formulation

Prior to Admission:
Our clinical nursing and multi-disciplinary team carries out a comprehensive preliminary assessment, whenever possible with family and the current care provider.

Following Admission:
There ensues a further 12 week assessment process, when objectives are set within each discipline. These encompass physical, functional, cognitive and emotional elements, and are designed to provide the team with an overview of  the individual's current abilities and rehabilitation potential. Therapeutic, social and recreational interventions to meet individual goals are then formulated, incorporated and actioned promptly.

This extremely thorough assessment process lies at the heart of, and forms the basis for the formulation of the care plan.

The Care Plan:
It is the care plan which ultimately establishes the individual's pathway within Shelley Park, and secures the regularity of ongoing appraisal and evaluation, essential to progression. It is also a means of ensuring that no individual's potential to change their pathway is ever impeded. Individuals may join or transfer to a different pathway at any point... for example, an individual who following admission commenced  a 'complex needs', or 'palliative pathway,' may find themselves transferring to a 'rehabilitation 'pathway'.

Admission to the Centre following this process should always be viewed as a progressive step forward for the individual, knowing that at all times Shelley Park's ultimate goal is not only to maintain, but regain and maximise their potential for physical, cognitive, and emotional well being.